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03 December 2009 @ 08:01 pm
K 2009.12.01/02/03  
2009-12-01 11:55:13


Fukuoka ended adventurous~arriving home.

Recent tour has been cursed by a lot of trouble.

Ah, I beg for a letter in my selfishness! Need support(laugh)

They're not like that sad or separately!

And so on(laugh)

2009-12-01 22:43:46


Right now only the guitar crew is in studio.

Studio followers(friends)

From the left, the coffee in order to tighten feeling, delay because the sound isn't tight, the usual tobacco, have to tight Shougo harder because of Sasaki(lighter)

Black and green I like, somehow I like green.

Is not the meaning if I like green and why equipment and material is green.

2009-12-02 23:57:32


Pork sweet and sour! Delicious.

Was an orthodox season☆

Thanks for the meal!

2009-12-03 00:11:46


Happy Birthday!

You are surely way younger than me...

Please become a good adult!(laugh)

2009-12-03 00:39:15


Colour of the lighter

The lighter which is sold at lives comes along in 5 colours, reason is the colour the members have.

Current design is during running out because there is no stock last★

2009-12-03 01:25:20


Wearing a mask in Nagoya?

No mask(・ω・)/

If you wrote the letter and can't transfer it directy, give it to the staff and we will get it. I'm happy about every letter I recieve.

Favorite sweets...but in advance, don't buy it. If it happens, cream puff and mork pudding(laugh)

Favorite brand...I don't understand. I'm not so close to shopping.

At the moment I buy at an online shop, same as going to a shop, ne.

I think, all what is stylish is fine(laugh)

2009-12-03 23:42:11

Today's dinner

[rebarira] roasting.

I spent 2 hours to get the smell out.

Thanks for the good meal!

I'm supposed to be recognized the sheep ...

(*) I don't know what kind of meal this is, maybe someone can help out?
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ヒズシhizushi on December 3rd, 2009 07:15 pm (UTC)
I really like this photo of Masato xDDDD how the TWO cellphones are focused on him XD
and everyone posted a picture, like they're addicted to him xDDDD